Attempt to index string with 'Image'

I started getting this error exactly 2 minutes ago without changing anything.

What happens is one LocalScript finds the ‘Image’ value of an ImageLabel and sends it to another through a BindableEvent, then the next script puts the value on a different ImageLabel:




function RunIntro(image)
     Jacket.Image = image


All of a sudden it errors saying “Attempt to index string with ‘Image’,” which doesn’t make any sense because 1: It worked 2 minutes ago, and 2: ‘Image’ is a string value itself. What is going on???

make sure this is an asset like rbxassetid://YOUR_NUMER then it’ll work maybe the string was a link or something

I made sure that it was but nothing changed

After looking around for a while, I stumbled across a variable with the same name that was a string value, the game tried to assign a string to another string.