Attempting to write a script that tries to set the metatable of a newproxy crashes studio when the New Lua Script Analysis feature is on

When trying to type the script below at a reasonably slow speed, roblox studio crashes with the message, “An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit. We’re sorry!”

  • From what I can tell, this occurs in any roblox place
  • This only occurs when the beta feature “Enable New Lua Script Analysis” feature is enabled
  • I’m unsure of when this started happening


  • Enable the New Lua Script Analysis beta feature
  • Create a blank baseplate
  • Create a script
  • Remove the print(“Hello World!”) and start TYPING the following slowly:

local proxy = setmetatable(newproxy(true), {
__newindex = function()


  • Roblox Studio should crash while you’re trying to type this

this appears to happen 90% of the time and I’m running Windows 10 Home
also I’m aware that this code errors when you run it

Dump file:

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I am also experiencing this issue.
I am using Windows 10 as well.

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