Attyuo2's Scripting Portfolio [AVAILABLE]

About Me…

I’m a scripter! I have been working and scripting on Roblox since 2018. I am very passionate about scripting, and would love to work with you on your game!

My Work

I have only just recently started working with others collaboratively, so I have not made any big games. However, sometimes I will make my own projects to train my scripting.

Simple character creator (proof of work) game - Character Creator - Roblox

FNAF inspired simple spin-off horror game (proof of work) game - Night Terrors - Roblox

I cannot build, animate or model. This is why the proof-of-work games are such low quality. They are a showcase for my scripting only..


The hours I am available are variable and can be subject to change. But, generally I am available 3-8 hours (a day) on the weekend and 2-4 hours (a day) during the week. I go to school, so during seasonal breaks, holidays and snow days I can work longer. I also do not have a microphone, so I will be communicating with you through means of chatting.

Pricing And Payment Methods

For payment methods, I generally prefer to take a percentage of the games revenue, instead of fixed salary, one time payout or USD. Although, in some cases I may want something else, instead. Pricing generally depends on the project/game. For example, if I join a group of 3 people and become the lead scripter, as long as everyone is doing equal work, I would take an equal share of the percentile based revenue.


If I need to for some reason, I may reject your job offer. I can’t guarantee when I’ll be available, but I will make sure to update this page when I am not. I will also not make exploits for you. Do not come to me and ask for me to make exploits for you.


I use discord as my main means of communicating. If you would like to get in contact with me, send me a DM over the forums!

That’s All

That’s all! Hopefully I can work with you on your game with you, some day. =)