Atura transport simulator guideline & rules



This guideline will establish how every players, no matters their rank*, age or difference will have to behave in-game. It enforce several rules for players to scrupulously read and apply by themselves in-game.
Those rules may changes with time

No players may ignore any rules of this guideline


  1. Roblox rules and community guideline
  2. In-game specific conduct rules
  3. Staff interactions rules

Roblox rules and community guideline

First of all, Roblox rules and community guideline applies in game no matter the role of the concerned player. Breaking those rules may end in an in-game punishement depending of the seriousness, and the behavior may be reported to the Roblox moderator for the culprit to receive a proper punishement from Roblox.
The Roblox rules and community guideline includes severals rules about many subjects such as :

  • Online dating or looking for dates / dating partners
  • Seeking or sharing personal informations about yourself or someone else
  • Discriminatory speech or actions against a specific player or a group of players
  • Dangerous, unethical or illegal activities and behaviors
  • Harassment and cyberbullying

In-game specific conduct rules

To protect players, staff and ensure an ideal gameplay for everyone. Many rules specific to the game applies. Breaking those rules may end in an in-game punishement depending on how much it affect other players gameplay and the recidivism. The in-game specific rules mainly includes traffic laws, roleplay and farming rules.

Note that in-game rules won’t apply to developers+
Every players, except developers+ will always have access to the same content ( excluding paid content )

Staff interaction rules

To protect the staff, their gameplay and their privacy. Many rules are applied to both players about how they should behave towards staff members. Breaking those rules may end in an in-game punishement depending how much the concerned staff is disturbed or affected. Note that staff players also have rules about how they should behave toward players

  • Staff members have authority over other players. They are here to ensure a global enjoyable gameplay for everyone and the punishement they apply to players should always be accepted and respected
  • Harassing a staff member by spamming him, asking many questions is forbidden. This is to prevent staff members gameplay to be ruined by players spamming them and flooding the chat.
  • Asking any staff for permissions or any advantages that may require the use of a command is forbidden. No players should be awarded any advantage that is usually reserved for staff members.

I you have an idea or need to clarify rules, do not hesitate to contact the staff.