Audio band - mash your keyboard!

Anyone want to give it a whirl?

Feel free to post your scores on your attemps for whatever you play; whether it be your fav songs or memes (or just feedback I guess):

I tried to get the note generation as close as possible to to the audio, but it’s rather difficult when you’re trying to get different frequency levels with only one sound property.


Really fun and addicting! The only issue i’m having is that i constantly hit keys too late on normal, even when it feels like i hit them perfectly.

Although that might just be me.

You should move the combo part to show above the note scrolling track so I can actually see it while I’m playing the game. There’s no way I can look over to the right side of the screen when I have to focus on the notes coming at me.

You should also add some sort of feedback text for when you hit a note like “Perfect”, “Good”, or “Bad” so players can get some sort of idea how well they’re doing. Maybe even “Early” or “Late” depending on what type of information you want to give.

Also, it’d be cool if you could put in functionality for splicing multiple audios together. I know that the audio upload limit has been increased to like 6 minutes now or something, but there are a lot of legacy sounds that are split into like 3 parts, and it’d be cool if your game could support them. Ideally, you’d be able to list different audio IDs and time positions to use from each audio and they would all be put together and treated as one single song.

Alright, just finished the ‘ok, good and perfect’


Will take a look at the combos and score positioning, the latter will be something to consider.

If you want a challenging song try 498045738 on medium or higher

EDIT: wait that goes for a lot of songs lol

Had a lot of fun. While playing it I thought of osu and got a potentially great idea: AudioSurf?

As much as I’m looking forward to the update in January: