Audio Distortion Test?

Hi Everyone,

I want to upload an audio of a stadium singing a chant. Since it’s a large crowd it’s not as clear as a regular song and I’m concerned Roblox is going to say DISTORTION and make me sign some apology saying I won’t do it again. Should I even try? Does anyone know if there’s a tool or something where I could test the sound before uploading it? I also don’t want to lose 1 of my 10 credits.


There are actually ways to distort pre-existing audio in-game. For your case, you should probably use the SoundReverbEffect object (ReverbSoundEffect) and insert it into the sound object and toy around with the properties.

Another way you could do this is setting the SoundService’s reverb setting to ConcertHall like this:

game.SoundService.AmbientReverb = Enum.ReverbType.ConcertHall

I hope this helps!

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This is really helpful to know. Thanks. There have been audios that I wanted to slow down and couldn’t b/c Roblox wouldn’t let me upload it that way, so thank you. However, in this case Idc if it sounds distorted. It’s more I was able to find a royalty free track but am concerned it will be rejected so want to see if there’s a way to test it before even trying to upload. Thanks for responding. Most of my audio questions go unanswered.