Audio is not loading/playing properly

Playing or changing the TimePosition of certain audios causes the audio to stop for a few seconds, and it resumes at the given TimePosition later. Near the end of the audio it also cuts out by a few seconds from when the audio should actually end. Trying to get the same audio played out of different parts to be in sync is pretty much impossible. What I would normally expect to happen is when changing the TimePosition, the audio would instantly jump to that position without having to reload and doing the same thing over multiple sound instances would synchronize them together.
This wasn’t an issue before, but the new update broke it.

This happens 100% of the time with certain audios of mine.

Using a audio of mine which is near 2 minutes and has this issue, I created a sample place which has a button and two speakers with the script:

   script.Parent.ClickDetector.MouseClick:Connect(function (clicked)
    	game.Workspace.Speaker1.Sound.TimePosition = 97.85
    	game.Workspace.Speaker2.Sound.TimePosition = 97.85

ReproAudio.rbxl (16.8 KB)

This is the audio that is used:

Studio(PC) - Play Solo, local server

This first started 2-3 releases ago but was then fixed until release 404 where it started happening again consistently.

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Thanks for the bug report. I am able to reproduce the issue.

What tool are you using to encode these files? Can you post other example assets that demonstrate the problem? I cannot reproduce the problem with randomly chosen assets.

I encode them with Audacity, as a .ogg file. Here is a different example audio of mine which is way shorter, but also experiences the same issues, just not as bad:

With the latest update, the issue no longer happens and works/loads/plays properly now.