Audio taking too long to upload

Hello! :hidere:

There has been a problem where it takes way too long to upload an audio and to finally show up in the creator hub page, I upload an audio and I have to wait for hours just for it to appear, it keeps happening a lot with sound effects and music I try to upload, I upload these audios in my group.
It messes up my updates schedule. :sad:

If I put this forum in the wrong category, I am sorry this is my first post.

(Sorry if I am bad at English…)

i had this too, i tried uploading the same audio file a billion times because it just wouldnt show up neither on the site nor in the studio toolbox. only when i looked on the inventory page did they actually show up

Thank you, I fixed my forum category

They don’t show up my inventory page because it’s a group item…

im not too familiar with how group items work because i never use them, but it should still appear in your inventory if youre the uploader