Audit Log: Undo All Actions By User Since [Date] and Filter by Target of Action

So one of my group promotion managers had his account compromised (Bloody idiot) and someone gained access to it, and changed all the ranks of loads of people in the group. Now it occurred to me that
a) If we could undo all actions by a user in a certain time period we could undo all the damage instantly. (But make this a separate permission!)
b) People are PMing me asking for their rank back, and if I could search by the person an action has been taken against, I could see if that person had ever been promoted in the past, making things alot easier for me.

I’m sure other groups have had similar problems, and this would help

If nothing else, searching based on who an action was executed against would be godly. Sometimes I want to check who demoted a certain person, but I can only search by the demoter’s name and not the person who got demoted’s name – that’s been fairly annoying in the past.