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Aura information and development log



What is Aura? Aura is a scripting service developed by @sunkiqxed and @iiLok_i. We offer our customers the best service for their needs. We deliver the fastest but best way possible. Currently we are working on a plugin where you can use our modules and update them when ever we release a fix or addon. We provide cheap service so all our customers can feel satisfied.

What is your plugin? A: Our plugin is divided in to two pieces. Aura Installer and Aura Updater. With Aura Installer you install our modules and with the updater you update them. The plugin will tell you if you are using an old version and will tell you to update it. All our modules are open-sourced and you can find them on our github.


This will be written when we finish working on our plugin and start updating it!