Aurovi Gameshows | Informational Guidebook

Aurovi Gameshows | Informational Guidebook

Last Update: 4/12/21.
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:shopping: : Introduction

Hello, everyone! Welcome to our Informational Guidebook, this forum contains important information regarding Aurovi Gameshows. Things from regulations to important information can be located below amongst its subcategory. If you happen to not find the answer you were looking for within our guidebook, or you have a question regarding anything within the guidebook, do not fret to notify anyone within the Executive Team.

:clipboard: : Essential Information

About Aurovi

About Us

Aurovi Gameshows is a group that falls under the gameshow/clothing industry, currently striving to become a successful group within the industry. It’s our honor to make clothes and to host seasons on a regular basis. We take pride in our originality and uniqueness that we’ve tried our absolute best to display with everything associated with our group. Our Executive Team is composed of hard-working and experienced individuals within the industry who have come together to create an amazing group for everyone to enjoy and play. We truly hope everyone in our group enjoys Aurovi to the best of their ability and, most importantly, has fun while playing games at our group.

Messages from the Owners

  • plutoremains’ Message
    On 1/30/21, it was an absolute honor to create this group with one of my Co-Owners, physiin. Our intentions were pure and we have honestly been amazed by all of the assets we’ve been able to produce at Aurovi Gameshows. We work extremely hard every day to ensure everything is running smoothly and we take pride in our work so far. porified, another Co-Owner at Aurovi Gameshows, is such an amazing contribution to the group and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get the group this far without them. Our goal is to continue to grow every day and we hope you can be a part of that with us!

  • physiin’s Message
    I’m of how zeal we’ve smoothly approached Aurovi Gameshows. Aurovi Gameshows has been a huge stepping stone for the ownership team. We thrive to release the most satisfactory tailor and quality for everyone. We want to ensure that our group meets your standards and just as much as your curiosity. Our group is threaded with compassion from our team to ensure we’re constructing the most refined operations for all to get used to. While you’re discovering new aspects we hope you are comfortable and safe within our environment as we worked incredibly hard during development stages. Working alongside plutoremains and porified has been so beneficial to the group, we all share different relations and tasks to help shape out an outstanding Aurovi. We all have our strengths that are incomparable that helps us work as a team to bring our community together as one!

  • porified’s Message
    Being a member of Aurovi Gameshows has been an unbelievable, outstanding, incredible experience. I have no one else to thank but the strength of our owner, plutoremains. Professionalism, hard work, and patience is something that he’s shown throughout every single operation. Being able to undertake difficulties with physiin and plutoremains has been such a pleasure to do, and I hope we continue to do so. Growth and success is something that will happen throughout the future of Aurovi Gameshows. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our community and group.

Social Links


As you all know, there are many platforms that Aurovi utilizes. Some of them being Roblox, Discord, Twitter, etc. If you’d like to keep up with us on our different socials, then utilize the links provided below.

Social Links

Rank Information


Each rank within Aurovi Gameshows has its own purpose and limitation. Without limits for certain ranks, it would cause an overflow of people and it would overall cause a lot of anarchy. Therefore, the owners have decided to incorporate limitations for some specific ranks. Some rank titles or limitations are subject to change in the future. Below, you can find each rank’s description and its limit to the rank.

Rank Information

  • Community Member
    Community Members are lovely individuals who are in the Aurovi Gameshows group, they are able to play all of our games associated with the group and shop at our Aesthetic Homestore.
    Rank Limit: ∞

  • Intermediate - Legendary
    The ranks from Intermediate to Legendary are ranks obtained by competing and winning gameshows. Each gameshow you win, you earn a Robux and rank-up prize.
    Rank Limit: ∞

  • Industry Influencer
    Industry Influencers are people who are influential in the Roblox community or on social media. If you own a group with a specific amount of members, you are well known in the industry, or if you have a specific amount of followers on any social media platform, you will be given this rank. To obtain this rank, you must notify a Co-Owner+ for further instructions.
    Rank Limit: ∞

  • Notable Member
    Notable Member is awarded to former Executive Directors or higher that have left on good terms at Aurovi Gameshows. It is also given to individuals who have contributed to Aurovi in specific ways.
    Rank Limit: ∞

  • Affiliate Representative
    Affiliate Representative is a disclosed rank given to affiliated members who represent their group at Aurovi Gameshows.
    Rank Limit: ∞

  • Clothing Designer
    Clothing Designers are individuals who produce clothing for Aurovi Gameshows. If you’re interested in becoming a designer, notify a Co-Owner+.
    Rank Limit: 5

  • Training Host
    Training Host is our introductory rank to the Hosting Team. Individuals who have passed the application will be given this rank and are eligible to earn promotions by activity.
    Rank Limit: 30

  • Host
    Hosts are previous Training Hosts who have shown their capabilities in their previous rank. They have been active and follow our procedures thoroughly.
    Rank Limit: 25

  • Experienced Host
    Experienced Hosts are the final rank within the Hosting Team, they have proven themselves worthy of achieving such a high rank within the Hosting Team.
    Rank Limit: 15

  • Administrator
    Administrators are the introductory rank to the Administration Team, they assist with the overall operations of the group.
    Rank Limit: 5

  • Lead Administrator
    Lead Administrators are the last rank that is obtainable in the Administration Team, they have much more responsibilities than Administrators do. They also help the Operations Directors run their assigned duties.
    Rank Limit: 3

  • Executive Director
    Executive Director is the introductory rank to the Executive Team, they run an assigned department and run the overall operations of the group.
    Rank Limit: 2

  • Co-Owner
    The current Co-Owners oversee all the operations of the group, not only this, but they assist the Owner handle development and finance.
    Rank Limit: 2

  • Owner
    The current Owner is the ultimate overseer of all operations regarding Aurovi, the Owner also leads the development and Designing Team.
    Rank Limit: 1

Staff Recruitment


There are 2 staff ranks everyone has the opportunity to obtain within Aurovi Gameshows. These two introductory ranks are Training Host and Trial Clothing Designer. If you’re interested in obtaining either of these ranks, utilize the following information to assist you.

Training Host :game_die:

On the 1st of every month, the Executive Director of Gameshow Operations will be releasing Training Host Applications for the community to apply. However, if we’re in need of staff members in the middle of the month, we will release applications with a small succession rate. We recommend you utilize grammar and elaboration throughout your application, it will definitely increase your chances of getting passed. If you pass the application stage, you will be placed on your Training Host trial and will be given further instructions on how to complete it correctly.

Trial Clothing Designer :shopping:

As you may know, the Clothing Designer limit is 5. Therefore, it will only be on rare occasions where the Head Designer or Executive Team announces an application for people to apply. However, if we’re in need of a handful of designers, the Owner will check the #community-showcase channel within the Discord and see if there are any possible candidates there. Or, the Head Designer and Owner will look for qualified designers within other groups/communities. If you’re a designer and think you’re qualified to join the Designing Team, do not fret to notify the Head Designer or any Co-Owner+ with your portfolio. We may definitely bring you on the team depending on if there are any open spots.

:loudspeaker: : Affiliate Information

Affiliate Requirements


We accept applications from a variety of groups, as long as your group meets our expectations and requirements, you can send a Lead Administrator+ your application. We kindly ask that you do not constantly ask questions regarding your results, if 72 hours go by and your results have not been sent, then you may notify the individual you sent your application to or any other Lead Administrator+. Depending on the group, we do offer exceptions to the requirements - however, it’s extremely rare for us to do so. If you believe your group would be a beneficial partner despite not meeting the requirements, then we highly suggest you fill out the application either way.

Requirements & Expectations

  • Your group must currently withhold >= 500 non-botted members.
  • No past reputable issues and must have a good reputation within the industry.
  • Your group must either be a cafe, clothing, gameshow, etc.
  • We expect originality upon your entire group, any sort of copying will not be tolerated.
  • Your group must have congruent activity on a daily basis.
  • Your representatives must have good communication with Aurovi, also being able to announce any events when needed.
Affiliate Application


Aurovi Gameshows seeks, and accepts, groups to possibly form an affiliation with. When determining possible affiliates, we look for certain qualities that make the group appealing and enjoyable. If you’re interested in forming an affiliation with Aurovi Gameshows, make sure you meet the requirements in order to do so. After thoroughly reviewing the requirements and making sure you meet each and every one of them, fill out the questionnaire below and send it to a Lead Administrator+. You should be given your results within a 72 hour time period.


  1. Please provide both the Discord and Roblox links associated with your group.
  2. Why would you like to form an affiliation with Aurovi Gameshows?
  3. How can this affiliation be beneficial for both groups?
  4. Please rate your group’s activity on a scale of 1-10, additionally describe the overall activity within the group.
  5. We require a maximum of 2 representatives from your group to represent at Aurovi Gameshows. Please provide the Discord username and tag of the individual(s).
Affiliate FAQs


There may be some occasions where a group has some questions regarding the affiliation process within Aurovi Gameshows, we have decided to compose a list of our most frequently asked questions. Below, you can find the questions alongside our answers to each of them. If you happen to notice that your question was unanswered, please make sure to ask someone from the Administration Team+ to answer your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you allow exceptions to the requirements?
    Answer: Depending on the group, yes, we do allow exceptions to the requirements. However, it isn’t common for us to accept groups that don’t meet every expectation we look for.

  2. Why do you need representatives from our group?
    Answer: We require a maximum of 2 representatives so our Administration Team can have clear communication on behalf of your group.

  3. Our group would like to host an event with Aurovi Gameshows, how do we set this up?
    Answer: If your group is an affiliate with us, then we recommend you notify a Lead Administrator+ the event idea and proposal.

  4. We need to address something to Aurovi Gameshows, who exactly do we contact?
    Answer: Aurovi Gameshows’ Relations Lead assigns each administrative member a group to represent at. We recommend you notify that specific individual who is representing us.

  5. A staff member from Aurovi was not following our group’s regulations, what do we do?
    Answer: This is a serious incident that we’d like to apologize for. We recommend you notify the Operations Lead or any Lead Administrator+, make sure proof is provided.

  6. Our group has updated our representatives at Aurovi, who do contact?
    Answer: It’s common for groups to constantly update their representative’s list, we recommend you notify the representatives on behalf of Aurovi.

  7. Aurovi didn’t announce our event on time, what do we do?
    Answer: Although this isn’t a serious matter since we announce events out of courtesy, please notify any Executive Director+ of this incident.

:wave: : Conclusion

The Executive Team at Aurovi Gameshows hopes this entire forum serves of use to you. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, do not fret to notify anyone from the Executive Team. Have an amazing rest of your day/evening!