Auto-Accept Group Rank Links

Auto-Accept Group Rank Links

Feature Request: Website Features

As context to this feature request, I work specifically as a curriculum developer for Roblox-based courses in game design & coding for youth 7-17 years old.

As a Roblox developer and educator, it is currently too difficult to share private files, such as template models, across a large number of changing developers (including instructors & students.)

Note: When working with students in our youngest age group of 7-9 years old, accommodations are made to account for factors such as lower levels of computer literacy in areas such as navigating multiple browser tabs, setting up split-screen views, and using the File Explorer or Finder. Due to this, we try to limit the back-and-forth between external files, the Roblox website, and Roblox Studio.

Solutions considered:

Export Files

During the time that we provided links to download exported Roblox files, we found that younger students often had difficulties saving to specific locations on the computer and navigating the File Explorer or Finder to find the files when inserting them into their game. This process took up a large amount of class time and prevented students from being able to cover all of the material for the lesson.

Game Files

In the case of providing full game files to start from, which included all premade materials for each course, we found that oftentimes losing even a single file to an accidental delete becomes a very time-consuming process of redownloading the provided game to get the file back and then working on transferring it back over to the original game. We’ve found it best to insert individual assets on an as-needed basis.

The Toolbox

As a company that provides educational services including premade templates, listing the models and scripts in the Toolbox is not an option for privacy reasons, as I’m sure it is across many game development organizations.


While groups seem to be the most convenient way to share files among a large number of developers, with a large number of instructors and students each week it is unreasonable to check each username request for the group to approve, and leaving the group open with no approval to join goes back to privacy reasons.

Solution suggestion:

  • Group Rank Link: Being able to provide a join link for a group that auto-approves for a specific rank would be the ideal situation. Then a link could be provided in the curriculum to give all instructors and students immediate access to group assets without a lengthy approval process, but while still maintaining a private group.

  • Rank Assets: As a further request, being able to set permissions to access different group development assets based on rank would be extremely helpful for version control between different courses and programs.

    • Additionally, being able to be assigned multiple ranks would be convenient for continued access to previous course assets, or enrollment in multiple courses concurrently.

For example, a rank could be created for each course, and a group rank link could be provided in the course curriculum to allow instructors and students to immediately join the group rank for their course. Then all course assets would be available through the Toolbox in the Creations tab for the Group.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience (and more importantly the development experience of instructors and students across Roblox educational programs) because it would provide a quick way to access private, shared development assets.