Auto-complete should recognize identity levels

When writing code in the command bar, API members that are assigned {PluginSecurity} or {LocalUserSecurity} are not provided to auto-complete because intellisense does not believe they are accessible.

In the Command Bar

For example, I can use the GetClassIcon function of the StudioService in the command bar, but it is not listed as an available option in the auto-complete:

Granting an exception to the command bar should be relatively simple.

In Plugins

Identifying whether a script is running in a plugin context might be a little more tricky.

  • A Script could be put into a plugin context if the plugin variable is ever used.
  • A ModuleScript could be put into a plugin context if (through stack tracing) it can be determined that some Script in a plugin context requires the module.

I think this might raise some bigger questions about how plugins are currently packaged in the first place, which would fall outside the scope of this feature request.

Nonetheless, I figured I would propose a possible solution under the current model to potentially make this a reality sooner.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about this proposal as a whole!