Auto expanding scrolling frame issues

I’m trying to make a ScrollingFrame with a UIList that’s scrollable. It’s for a kill log, every time a new frame is added it’s supposed to increase the size of the canvas so that it’s scrollable.

-- KillFeedList is a scrolling frame
-- KillFeedUIList is the UIList
KillFeedList.CanvasSize =, KillFeedUIList.AbsoluteContentSize.X, 0, KillFeedUIList.AbsoluteContentSize.Y)

However, once it’s large enough to need to be scrollable, it expands the canvas size sure, but it also expands the size of every kill message frame inside of the list, I’d prefer if it maintained its size as it completely scales off the screen after a certain point.

Thank you for any feedback!

You can use AutomaticCanvasSize. If you’re currently using AutomaticSize, disable that.

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