Auto Plasma Rifle + Camera Shake

(Changed a video since FPS drops instantly expect when i was recording)

This Plasma Rifle has no Cooldown since it just broke
Reuse of my GUI from My recent submission

Recently i added Camera animation to this gun and it turns out that it works even better

Sorry but i need to rush making this ;-;

NOTE: “bluric_64bit” is my main account
i use this acc to associate with people because roblox allows you one acc per gmail only


wow, that is cool!

How do you make a gun shoot? I’ve made models but don’t know how to make them shoot @banktoner

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It says “tuna_developer” not bluric_64bit are you mistaken @banktoner

Ans I love the animation good job!

it’s not actual username as i’ve put it in the list

i used Display Name because i wanna test the features

Yo, how’d you do the smooth gun rotations? Like if I look up the gun follows. I’m curious…

Oh sorry display names not easy to see as usernames or just display name

i used FE Gun kit Viewmodel version
made by @thienbao2109 as he’s the only one editing this

if you want a copy then feel free to take it here LEGACY VIEWMODEL - Roblox

Thank you so much! I’ve always had issues with this!

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You need to script the guns for them to actually do anything in the first place.

It functions nice and all but when you aim, that is some insane recoil on the gun. Maybe tone that down a bit because if that was real you’d have to be a body builder to seemingly handle the force of that gun.
In fact, the overall recoil is kind of excessive, just to me it’s the recoil when you aim down sights is where it gets really harsh.
Looks and sounds cool overall though! :+1:

Sadly Rotation Camera Recoil is not controllable
because it uses animation as I’ve animated it’s camera