Auto Rank Bot 750-100R$ FOR HIRE!

Hello!!! I can make a Auto Rank Bot for a Hotel game, Party games ,ect

Payment I accept Robux ONLY!!! 750-1500R$ Depends on how long this takes and the skills the bot has to do.

Extras I could make the Ranking game for a extra 25R$ But if you already have a game, Good!
That means i can get straight to work! I will make the bot account for your group for a extra 0R$!!!

If you are interested reply or send me a request on Discord: Splatty_YT#2839
I prefer people replying however! :grin:

Thx for reading!! :slightly_smiling_face:

this post is off-topic you should make a portfolio and put it inside there


Hello. As the person above me said, you should move this post to #collaboration:portfolios .

i have i can’t delete the post!

Oh, okay. (30 characterssssss)

@NotSplatty_YT I’m not able to add you on discord, as you have turned friend requests off, so could you please contact me? Administrator_FBI#7336