Auto Scale Scrolling Script Not Working

hello! i have a script that’s meant to automatically scale my scrolling frame but it doesn’t work. The problem is that i cannot scroll to see items further down the scrolling frame. any help is appreciated!

– script

local indexFrame = itemIndexFrame.indexFrame
local indexScrollingFrame = indexFrame.ScrollingFrame

local layout = indexScrollingFrame.UIGridLayout

  local function updateCanvasSize()
	indexScrollingFrame.CanvasSize =, 0,0, layout.AbsoluteContentSize.Y + 20)
	layout.CellSize =, 0, 0, layout.AbsoluteCellSize.Y)



There’s already a built in value inside a scrolling frame. It’s called automatic canvas scaling. Make sure to set the canvas size to 0.


should i set AutomaticCanvaSsize to Y?

doing this i still get the same result. (i cannot scroll)

Have you made sure you have scrolling
Set to enabled

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scrollingEnabled is set to true.

If it’s going vertical then yes. You also have to make sure there are frames that go pass the edge, so that the scroll is actually enabled.

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i also have ui padding in the scrolling frame. could that be the reason why my script does not work?

Having UI padding wouldn’t be the reason. If you want to send a file I can look into it.

give me a second im setting up a file for you

heres the file:
fileForScrollingFrame.rbxl (71.1 KB)

Here’s the fixed version:
workingfileForScrollingFrame.rbxl (71.8 KB)
I set it to automatic y scaling and set the canvas size to 0. Also I disabled the script and changed it a bit for testing so you’re going to have to change it back to how you like, sorry.