Auto Translation translating strings to HIGHLY inappropriate sexual things!


I recently got a bug report from a polish user. In my game Energy Drink Tycoon [:helicopter:HELI] - Roblox
I have auto translation enabled (default) and ofc polish is translated too.
But somehow two strings got translated completely wrong and it is really inappropriate and could get me banned for a thing I never did.

Here I will link the bug report:

<EDIT: removed image>

Also the string got translated into Chinese but its polish???
Ingame it says this, and translated it means this…

<EDIT: removed image>

I really don’t know how this can happen, as I said earlier this is 100% auto translation, nothing changed and I didn’t add any translators!


We filed a ticket to our internal database for this issue, and will come back with a reply as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!

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I use auto translation too and i need to manually translate because it translated to inappropriate things too.

This happened to me too a few weeks ago. I got emails saying specifically that the Polish automatic translation was inappropriate.

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Hello, can I get an untranslated string? Have you tried resetting all entries?

Upd: Can you check out the string’s edit history and confirm that it was an auto-translation malfunction?

By the way, you might’ve forgotten to choose the language, it shows chinese language first and I think you didnt switch to another language

This was resolved in private – the poster found out that the issue they saw was fake.

Please file a new bug report for new issues.