Automatic Anchor for parts

Literally all this post is about having automatic anchored parts when you put a new one in studio it gets quite annoying having to anchor each new object you put into studio.


Ikr. Thats why I have a default part that I clone that has it anchored, top and bottom smooth, set the color and material and other stuff all good to go :smiley:


lol build kits.

you could probably have a plug-in for this in the meantime (RunService.IsRunning and Workspace.ChildAdded should do the trick)


Done. :+1:


but if i move a part from serverstorage/replicatedstorage/any other container to workspace, it’ll become anchored

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There’s not really a good way to detect if an object is a new insert or not. What we really need is a custom insert object widget. The only blocker for that is:

  • It would need to be manually updated every time a new object is added


  • If it automatically pulled from the API reference through HttpService, you would need to enable HttpService in all of your places, and the class icons are baked into the executable so it can’t retrieve those through a web request

Unless @Maximum_ADHD has plans to extend Studio’s ability to dump the API so that in-game scripts can access that information, the only good way to implement this would be for someone to set up a server to publish the API dump as a module on Roblox that plugins could require without using HttpService. That process would also need to extract the class icons spritesheet from the executable and upload the pieces to Roblox as decals so the widget could use them.


Sounds to me like the real solution here is to make that idea a Studio feature, rather than a user plugin.

The API Dump is just a (mostly) full dump of the information provided by the reflection system. The data is accessible at run-time. I anticipate that as more studio widgets are ported into Lua, this information will need to be accessed by plugins. It’ll hopefully be in the form of like, a ReflectionService or something.


It checks to make sure that the part is 4x1x2 and named Part. It’s not perfect, but it shouldn’t make mistakes often.