Automatically check a user's grammar?

Hey developers!

I am making an automatic training system for a Cafe group, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to automatically check the grammar of a string? It would look for periods/quetion marks/exclamation marks and capital letters.

In theory, it would look like CheckGrammar(String) and return either true or false.

If you’re going to link a developer hub page please don’t just link it and actually write a substantial reply that actually helps.

Thanks so much!

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You could check if the last character of the string is a ‘.’ or ‘?’ or ‘!’, check if the first letter if upper-case, and check each word to a table of contractions (such as don’t, won’t, etc.) to see if they have the appropriate apostrophe.

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I had a really good suggestion from @sjr04 for, so I think I’ll go w that.