AutoScaling ScrollingFrame does'nt work

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to AutoScale a ScrollingFrame with the AutoScale Plus plugin.
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  2. What is the issue?
    When I select an other Device it doesnt really work
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The ScrollingFrame seems to be scaled correctly. I think that you forgot to scale the Frames/Labels inside the ScrollingFrame.

I scaled every single gui inside of the scrollingframe already and it still doesnt work.
Im so close to updating my game and this problem occured:(

Check the properties for every element there (including the scrolling frame). Check if the size is offset or scale.

So every gui is offset and not scale.

I think it’s supposed to be scale and not offset. This is what I remember.

There you go, this is my result:

Maybe try scaling them with AutoScale Light.

Hello, you must make sure that everything inside the ScrollingFrame is scaled and is not offset.

Example: if you have a button that has 100x100 offset like: {0, 100},{0, 100} you should change it to: {0.133, 0},{0.199, 0} and it will be the same button but it will fit for all devices. You will have to scale the buttons until they are correctly scaled, always using scale and not offset.

Before: (With Offset)


After: (With Scale)


thanks for the info but I already figured it out myself somehow :wink:

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Hey Dani, I am having the same issue as you were, can I ask you, how did you fix it? I saw that you wrote I figured it out myself, were you talking about the thing that VideoBlog wrote?

Still need the help? I can assist you.

hey nah I’m good, Thanks though