AutoVehicle - Semi-automatic vehicle rigging plugin



AutoVehicle is a semi-automatic car rigging plugin that rigs cars in just few clicks. This is a great plugin for beginners and modelers to quickly and easily rig their cars to test them out or even place them into game without any scripting knowledge, it also saves a lot of time. For those interested, it does the most time consuming part of the car rigging process. The plugin is planned to be at some point 99.99% automatic, so you don’t have to do anything at all.

How To Use:

Step by step instructions
  1. image
    Set Rotate to 45, and set the Move to 1 stud.

  2. Create a part, and resize it however you want, however It’s recommended that it’s size is 1 stud on Y-axis.

  3. image
    Create a part which is a cylinder and resize it to make it look like a wheel.

  4. Duplicate the wheel 3 times and place it under each edge of the chassis.

  5. image
    Group the entire car, and name each part accordingly. Names must be uppercased.

  6. Create a VehicleSeat and name it as SEAT, put it on top of CHASSIS.

  7. image
    Create 2 models, name one of them FAKE and the other one REAL, then put all the car parts into Model named REAL.

  8. image
    Create Configuration inside of the Model, and create the following inside of the Configuration:

  • BoolValue name: AutoTorque and value: true, it determinates if the SEAT.Torque must be set automatically by the script or not
  • IntValue name: EngineSoundId and value: nil, it stores asset id for Sound that will be used as engine sounds, if left empty it will not make a single sound

  1. That’s all, you are all set. If you want to have some fancy looking car using MeshParts, then procced to continue if not then you can select the Model and while you are selecting it, click on the PLUGINS tab and click on AutoVehicle icon, after that you can play test and enjoy your working car.

  2. Looks like you want a fancy car. Let’s get started. Slide in your beautiful car, and resize the parts accordingly so they fit the car.

  3. image
    Ungroup your beautiful car and put it into the FAKE model. Then name the wheels as you would name the REAL ones.

  4. image
    If your beautiful car has rims in the wheels, then put each one of them into proper FAKE wheel correspondingly. They don’t need to be named.

  5. Select the Model, and while you are selecting it, click on PLUGINS tab and then click on the AutoVehicle icon. Your car should no longer have visible REAL parts. That’s all, you are all set. Now you can play test the car and enjoy your beautiful and working car.

Don't want to read the instructions? You can follow the video tutorial below!
Please keep in mind the video is compressed so the quality is terrible, so you can’t really see the text. For better understanding read the step by step instructions!
Having trouble following the instructions? or don't have time to follow them? Then click here!

Example: Example.rbxl (24.2 KB)
You just need to select the Model and click on the AutoVehicle plugin button, and then you are all set!


Property Value Description
TurnSpeed Float Determinates the turning speed of the vehicle
MaxSpeed Float Determinates the maximum speed of the vehicle
Torque Float Determinates how fast the vehicle will able to attain the maximum speed of the vehicle, useless if AutoTorque is set to true
Property Value Description
AutoTorque Bool Determinates if the torque of the vehicle should be set automatically or not
EngineSoundId Int Determinates the engine sound, if its left empty it will not create an engine sound

Further information will appear here on how to use certain more fancier features.

Road Map:

  • Custom vehicle controller scripts
  • Add settings to the plugin

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes wheel or chassis attachments may not be set properly


Feel free to share your feedback on this plugin, as I am looking to improve!


This is fantastic! Thank you! :grinning:

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Woah, can’t wait to try it. Does it use roblox default steering or custom steering?

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It gets steering input from VehicleSeat, and then it steers the car using LocalScript controller, so yes it does use custom steering.


I cant press the “step by step instructions” or the “video tutorial”


I am not sure why arrows don’t work for you, but I had send you the instructions in the direct messages.

I think its my browser, my laptop doesn’t work with chrome so I have to use edge (by “doesn’t work with chrome” I mean it bluescreens when I try to use it)

I don’t think it’s your browser. I’m using Edge and I’m fine.

I’m not using the 2020 edge, I’m using the 2015 Microsoft edge


I’m using the 2020 Edge, is their a way that you can upgrade to the latest one?

the new edge also bluescreens my laptop lol

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Update 1.0.1

This is an update 1.0.1. In this update you will find the following changes:

  • Plugin now adds the attachments to the wheels automatically, so that means you no longer need to manually add attachments to the wheels.
  • New reserved name has been added HEADLIGHTS. This name is only reserved under the FAKE model, so you can name any Basepart as HEADLIGHTS in the FAKE model in order to give it functionality, in this case player can press L on the keyboard in order to activate and disactivate the head lights of the car.
  • New reserved name has been added TAILLIGHTS. This name is only reserved under the FAKE model, so you can name any Basepart as TAILLIGHTS in the FAKE model in order to give it functionality, in this case if the vehicle’s engine speed is being increased the tail lights will not be activated, however if it’s opposite then it will active itself.
  • Some changes were done to the default vehicle’s controller.
  • GUI has been made for the plugin.
  • There is one more functionality added to the plugin, in which plugin will automatically remove the old rig and create new one when you try to rig the vehicle using the plugin. This functionality is useful when you want to update the rig after an plugin update. This also creates an folder called RigData which should not be removed at any point as it stores information about the rig that can be used by the plugin to remove the proper instances out of your vehicle.
  • You can also see selected objects on the GUI and important change logs will appear there too.

In this release, you need to the following things:

  • Once you’ve downloaded the update for this plugin, update each rig by rigging it again with this plugin. But BEFORE you do this, please remove the rig files manually by yourself because the previous version of the plugin did not create RigData folder which stores the rig objects so the plugin could use them to remove the proper instances out of the vehicle. You won’t need to this manually after this update.

That’s all for this release!



If you are experiencing any issues with this new update, please let me know!


Amazing update! This plugin just keeps on getting better! I cannot wait for the future of this!

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Amazing plugin, but i couldnt figure it out, so i got the example. Now, the problem is, if you press “D”, you’re going left, and if you press “A” you’re going right… Shouldnt this be swapped?

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Go into the controls, search for something in the script: «Enum.KeyCode» and it will probably find a line where the input is, just change whatever the input is.

So. Enum.KeyCode.D —> Enum.KeyCode.A, or something like that.


Update 1.0.2

This is an update 1.0.2. In this update you will find the following changes:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Added “Remove Rig” button, so you can remove the rig if you no longer want to use it

This should fix the “incorrect-direction” attachment bug. However I am not sure, so let me know if it fixed any problem that you experienced before.

That’s all for this release!

The issue still occurs, It will be fixed once I will have time, for now you can play around with attachment rotations until the wheels are correctly rotated.


Hallo Mate! I have a question and a suggestion;

First the question: Why are all my wheels disappearing? I attached the base vehicle to a custom model. It drives amazingly and everything works, but all the wheels are missing. I followed the tutorial exactly and quad-checked everything. Has anyone else had this issue? Any possible fixes?

Now suggestion: Add an optional ‘CameraBlock’ - a block or model named ‘CameraBlock’ that will automatically teleport the player camera to this position/orientation. Perhaps one for each seat? If there is a simple way to add this currently, please lemme know.

Thanks! Great Plugin BTW!!

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will add it when I have time.

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Is there any trouble with the rigging part of the tires? I know that this approach of making cars can sometimes cause the tires to pop out/glitch on mobile/low memory devices.

Interesting, I never heard of that problem before.