[AVAILABLE] e9veee - Programming and Scripting


Hey there felow reader, I am e9veee.
I specialize in programming and scripting, mainly Lua and Javascript (backend)
Also a little bit UI designing.


I don’t have that many stuff to show, but I’ll put some here.

I have made:

a school bell system,
a cafe system,
a music system,
a serverside executor
several Discord bots for groups:

Discord Bots showcase


I currently do not have any prices, the price depends on the asset if it’s good or not. :+1:
The payment can be paid via group funds or Paypal. :money_with_wings:

Where to contact?

You may contact me from Discord:


Hey man, just here to give some feedback. I recommend you put some more information and showcases that show your skill. Also, I don’t think stating “a serverside executor” is really good since it violates Roblox’s TOS for exploiting.

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Hey, it’s like a developer console, but everyone can get it. It’s only for 1 game and is not a backdoor nor a virus.

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Man, you need to physically post some images of work rather than telling people what you have made previously.

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