[AVAILABLE] Sirian142's Builder Portfolio | Doing Commissions, Big or Small!

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:star2: Introduction

Good evening. My username is Sirian142, but I may go by numerous nicknames; you can call me whatever you’d like. I have developed a few Roblox games; such as Bray County, Stonehaven County, State of Valhurst, and a few more unrecognized titles.

:canada: About Myself

My primary development area is Building, and this portfolio will be focusing on that area. However, I also have experience with 3D Modelling with Blender, (Link is listed below.)

I am an advanced builder, starting my journey with Roblox Studio in 2017. I have great experience as a builder, knowledgeful of many methods, techniques and optimizations.

I am a Canadian high schooler, who develops on Roblox as a hobby. I enjoy small projects and long contracts; though I prefer not to have contracts longer than a couple of months.

:framed_picture: Showcase

Outdated Portfolio: [OUTDATED] Sirian142's Builder Portfolio | Small or Large Projects
Modeler Portfolio: [AVAILABLE] Sirian142's Modeller Portfolio | 2020

Google Drive Images

Here I put a few select images, if you want a brief overview instead of looking at my Drive.

:moneybag: Payment

My prices depend on the contract; with variables such as the build, time, details and additional requests.

I mainly only accept PayPal payments. Robux only on rare occasions. Do note, that I prefer progressive payments for large projects. For example, I complete 25% of the project and wish to be commissioned 25% of the payment.

:link: Contact

Please contact me on Discord, at Sirian-#9834
If for whatever reason you are unable to using Discord, please try sending me a message with DevForum.

Thank you for your interest, and have a good night. :maple_leaf:!


quick, friendly, and good at his job. the whole package. would recommend to anyone.

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Sirian has worked for me for a few months, he is an extremely talented and smart guy. The work he did for me is exactly what he said he would do when I hired him, he is extremely hard working and I would Personally recommend him to anyone who is thinking of hiring him.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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