AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() returns no results for body part AvatarAssetTypes

Issue explanation

When building a catalog based game, I’ve run into an issue where attempting to fetch either of these AvatarAssetTypes returns no results:

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.DynamicHead

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.Torso

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.LeftArm

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.RightArm

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.LeftLeg

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.RightLeg

  • Enum.AvatarAssetType.Head returns a few heads created by Roblox only

Reproducing the issue

Here’s a short code snippet to reproduce the issue:

local searchParams = CatalogSearchParams.new() 
searchParams.AssetTypes = {Enum.AvatarAssetType.LeftLeg} 

local searchResult = game:GetService("AvatarEditorService"):SearchCatalog(searchParams):GetCurrentPage()

print(searchResult) --> {}

Setting IncludeOffSale = true which is suggested by other posts makes no difference.

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.