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Avelos Entertainment

Avelos Entertainment, founded by VampiricCode was a development group used to build a community as well as games.

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Below you can find out on how to report exploiters, glitch abusers or really anyone caught breaking guidelines.

How To Report
  1. To start, if the player is exploiting or being innapropriate, please use the built-in Roblox report feature first. This is so Roblox admins can take further action into moderating their account.

  2. Discord links are not allowed on the DevForum, you will have to find the link by going to the group and viewing the social link.

  3. Make sure you have photo or video proof of the player (with their name clearly visible).

  4. Post the proof in the Discord server in the moderation category.

  5. Don’t be chaotic, submit the proof and wait for a moderator response.