Aveya Ally Requirements

Greetings! This is the official guide for ally requirements in Aveya to roblox groups.

Affiliates are a way of making friends but in groups, we tend to not make a lot of Affiliates to Aveya, so we decided to make it 10 of its maximum.

Here are the requirements to be from our Affiliates.

  1. To have an active platform in your group/Business.


  • To host training actively/Daily, we like to keep all of our Affiliates active and popular as well growing!
  • To gain members actively.
  1. Have a Free-Drama Group,No bans or Blacklists from the owner/Ownerships from the target group.


  • To free all the drama you have and find a solution!

  1. Minimum 200 Members.

  1. Over 20 Active Players.

And these are all the requirements needed to become allies with us! Please message a VC+ in order to confirm the Ally request.