Avoiding cliché stories when game writing

I’m currently developing a souls-like game where the player progresses through the game by killing interesting enemies and bosses whilst learning about the history of the setting they are in and why they are there etc. but I’ve been so caught up in avoiding cliché themes (Like starting in a prison or being the chosen one) when it comes to the story that I’ve worked my self into a loop. Please give me some suggestions on how the story should be started so I can build off it myself. Thank you.


If you feel the need to use clichés, maybe you should. With a little creativity they can be twisted in new directions to surprise people.

The player is the chosen one, but this only comes with negatives. Normal people are stronger, healthier, wiser. The chosen one is the subject of ridicule and torment. They are in prison for being inferior to the rest of society. The chosen one travels the realm trying to kill things in an attempt to lash out, but cannot cause anything to die. At the end of their journey the chosen one returns to the prison and accepts the futility of their actions.

Perhaps that isn’t the greatest idea, but it goes to show that these ideas can be played with.

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Make the player a side character but at the end they are the one who saves the day. They have the choice to tell the truth and be popular, or they can say the chosen one did it and let your friends be popular so everyone thinks the prophesy is complete but it actually isn’t and you can now make a sequel.

AVOID THE CHOSEN ONE! That is a terrible, overdone trope. World Of Magic does a good job with storyline, where the player character isn’t unique per-se, they just canonically have been born with the fairly common ability to do magic. The player character’s parents are never introduced, you’re essentially just an average joe with fairly untraceable lineage. That’s fine with the games of 2021, especially the Roblox games. There’s no reason to have the player be anyone special.

Also, be sure to make your lore make sense. It’s bugged me my whole life of these nigh-omnipotent gods and goddesses who created the universe be unable to stop a person in their tracks, despite creating humanity thousands of years ago. It makes 0 sense. If I were you, I’d focus on having 1 TRULY omnipotent deity be at the top of the hierarchy of everthing ever. It allows for the world and it’s power structure pyramid to feel grander because its so wide even at the top. Don’t pull a Greek mythology and kill the sky and throw them into hell anytime soon!

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