Axe Attackers (Help)

Make sure you don’t allow any gear lol

It’s not a gear that’s stored anywhere in the game, I’ve been told it’s an exploit.

If anyone’s able to help, message me on Discord.


After playing around with it.

Is there any command that’ll insert a gear into the game? If so then it’s likely an admin starting giving the axe out.


Someone called ToastyGod seems to always have an axe on him and is giving it out.

Nope, :gear is only available to 6 people. Who are all likely in bed and asleep.

Who are the people with those permissions?

They’re likely in bed, doesn’t mean they are in bed.

There’s no need to be able to give gear to people, remove that and shut the servers down. See if that fixes the problem.

Ban the green hat guy.

My little sister was reporting this problem, seems that there is indeed an admin giving out gears. Perhaps try checking the command logs?

Checked, there’s nothing showing up.

Do you have a remote event or something of the sort that has the capabilities of giving gears? If so, I know exploits could call events.

Nope. No gearing remote events.

Issue seems to have sorted itself.

Thanks for everyone’s help. :grinning:

Not sure about that, there seems to be an invisible person running about still exploding people.

image I believe it is this man. His commands are going through despite him being a guest. (FieryEvent and sircfenner are both using admin despite being guest)

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Trying to figure out what the issue is here; it’s not us. Almost certainly something going through the free model admin script OP has running.

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Oh my bad! Just saw you were using commands, I see now.

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