Ay's - Important Information

Ay’s Club Group

Welcome to Ay’s Club. Here is any important information you should know. If you have any other questions please contact a Supervisor plus.

At Ay’s we take our rules very seriously.

“Comedy, Fun, Machine Gun.”



  • Do not be rude. Act appropriately. This is for everyone – staff, comedians and guests – should be treated politely.
  • Do not allow a disagreement to become a heated argument. Leave it for another time or contact management to solve the dispute.
  • Stay professional and polite. We allow certain jokes onstage and try our best to keep them friendly.
  • If a customer is being disruptive, report the disturbance to security or management. One unhappy customer is better than the many that they would have made unhappy by being disruptive.
  • Only do your own job. Do not micromanage others.

Punishments are based on the severity of your infraction, and can be one of the following:

  1. A warning.
  2. You will be banned from the server. Further actions will cause a permanent ban.

To help clarify each of our ranks, we’ve set out a table below that should explain each one. Any available rank can be applied for at the application center.

Application Center

Staff Ranks
Staff Member A basic, easy to obtain rank. They have passed the application and have or have to attend a training.
Senior Staff Member They oversee the customers and help management keep order, without any management authority.
Comedian/Performer They are the main position here at Ay’s. Responsible for creating and executing skits and shows the entertain at shows and events.
Security They maintain order and keep trollers and exploiters out of the club. This rank is limited so some applications will not be accepted.
Upper Staff (Management)
Assistant Manager A lower management rank here at Ay’s. They are selected from Senior Staff for their management skills and authority.
Supervisor Supervisors are members of the management team that manage all staff and make sure trainings and events go as planned and staff members follow orders.
Event Organizer An Event Organizer makes sure all shows and group events are well-planned and make sure every aspect is at it’s best. A one person rank that is selected by one of the Owners.
Manager The highest possible rank here at Ay’s. They are in charge of the entire club and oversee every staff member as well as business and events.
Owner The owners of Ay’s are Ayisuyl and tiniTonie. They are in charge of all aspects of Ay’s. They work closely with management to ensure the club is at it’s best.

Interested in hosting an event or attending a show? Below is all the info and details you need to know.

Events and Shows


We host comedy shows often with a variety of different entertainers to provide a fun and memorable experience for you and your friends. Looking to attend one? We will let you know of events on the group shout!


Ay’s has been known for serving as a function hall for group events. Whether you have a military group or a restaurant or even an airline, Ay’s is the place for you! Just fill out an application and work out a time with either the Owner or Event Organizer.


Thank you once again for your time and patience.

Ayisuyl, Ay’s Co-Owner