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Who am I?
My name is AzireDev, I’ve been on this platform since 2013 and became more serious about development in 2016, I’ve been on Dev forum for around for a year now.

I can build in almost any genre, but I started off making futuristic builds for clans, and recently moved to other genres which I will provide examples of below.

Previous work

Futuristic spaceship hanger

Afghanistan combat zone

Game Lobby

Game map

Pirate themed building

Low poly town

Collection of small cute things


I tend to do mainly commissions, however I’m starting to lean towards game revenue, I’ve worked with many people but here are some if you wish to ask them as reference




I tend to get along well with anyone I work with no matter who they are, I prefer to work along side people rather than be bossed around, I enjoy giving my input on how to develop an idea rather than run off a script, but I’m very flexible and easy to work with.


I’m pretty much on everyday unless something comes up


I accept robux, USD or revenue depending on if I enjoy the game idea you present to me. I DO NOT ACCEPT LIMITEDS OR ROBUX MADE FROM LIMITEDS.


If you have any questions feel free to ask me on either twitter or discord.

Discord - AzireDev#4007
Twitter - @AzireDev


thank you az, very cool. :ok_hand:

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I was wondering how much do you think you would charge for a low poly medieval town? Just a rough estimate.

My discord is nektxrios#7373

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I usually go towards the best paying jobs, so hmu in discord with a price you’d like to pay and we can discuss more