Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/User Interface Designer

I do , if you are interested contact me on discord we will speak about it.

What’s your discord name and user?

My discord username is : Azroxl#4459

Commisions are open , i am accpeting short commisions with good pay only , no long term jobs .

Please accept my friend request, AcceptingOP#1323

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Hey there!

I love your work and was wondering if you used Adobe? If not, what program do you use?

Thank you , and yes I use photoshop to make UIs and text logos .

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Added on discord. Looking forward to working with you!

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Always friendly and makes edits to work when needed. Really happy with how everything turned out.

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Added more examples , commissions are open , DM me if you are interested hiring me.

Hai! Interested, please contact me here and we can discuss further.

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Commissions are OPEN!
NOTE : accepting percentage offers but with conditions , available for partnerships .

Looking to get a logo. My discord user is Wizard#4401. Please contact me as soon as you can, Thanks!

Portfolio updated :

  • Added new examples in Assets , User Interface categories .
  • Prices changed .
    check it out .

I would recommend him 100% , He gives a high quality in a short time. Very proud with what I got :slight_smile:

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Decent builder and a good friend. If you want to work with him I would highly recommend it.

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I worked together with him on a couple of projects. Commissions were really good quality and always deliverd on time, highly recommend him.

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Did great UI for us, great creator and fast to finish projects!


Very clean and creative UI, love it!

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Great portfolio!
Love the range of skills of you’ve shown, the GUI’S are defo my fave, keep it up!

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