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About me

Hello there!

My name’s Desmond. I’m a 15 year old Roblox Developer. I’m mainly known as babamandok and the owner of the Gaming Community Tower of Witness Studio™ I’m good at building and scripting. Although my scripting isn’t the best, i can definitely put in some work. I’m also a Roblox Developer for over 3 Years.

Showcases and talents.

I mainly build and i’m very good at it. I can also script on small amounts of projects. I also create games. But i rarely create a game without discontinuing it. My game Tower of Witness is the only game of me that is still active in development and still hasn’t been discontinued after 2 Years. That’s because i mainly work for games/community’s.

Payments and Hiring.

I work free for most of the time but payment can also be negotiable depending on the project.

Payment can be up to 5k. (Robux.)

Hiring Status: :green_circle:
(Note that this may change over time.)



Roblox Username:

And that was basically it! Thank you for reading!

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