Backdoor? - ZigZag Inc

Hello! I’m an Executive at ZigZag Inc, we have been having an issue with having sessions.

My issue: We are getting our sessions wrecked by a backdoor, the only issue is I cannot find it.


Any help will be appreciated as this is killing our group.

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use ctrl + shift + f to do global search across all scripts and try to find require, loadstring, etc

I’ll try it now thanks! Let’s hope this solves it.

I’m assuming this is a script that uses :SetCore() on the client side to make a chat as it would normally be filtered. Try in studio play mode using ctrl shift f to search for :SetCore() or :SetCore("ChatMakeSystemMessage". This won’t exactly give a way to fix it, but it will provide some hints as to what is causing this if something does show up.

It’s being controlled by somebody, I found this script which is remote.

I’m assuming this is a fake Adonis which was made to be a backdoor. If it is (probably is), I would recommend getting the real Adonis Admin.

It’s a plugin it seems, so yeah a little confused how it got there.