Backwall not showing up

I have a back wall in my game but it doesn’t show up unless you get really close to it i tried maxing my graphics but it doesn’t work


It is like 1k studs away from spawn

if you wanna see for yourself feel free to test it

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Is it unioned? Unions are prone to breaking. I’d recommend just replacing the entire wall with a new part.

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Is the Part really far away? Is it rendering out due to distance?

What’s the purpose of it?

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its not unioned its a part only

i editted the post now i added the distance of spawn to the wall

Is “StreamingEnabled” enabled in Workspace?

it is disabled i enabled it last time but it doesn’t show up so i disabled it and its stoll doesn’t show up

I should’ve added this to my previous post; but is there an Atmosphere object in Lighting? If there is, try messing with the Offset property.

ok let me check if there is an atmosphere