Bacon Burger Credits And Update Log

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Updates :clipboard:

Current Update

Version 2.4 - Bug Fixes, and gave Boss more health to make the chapter harder.

Past Updates

Version 2.3 - Chapter 5 is out! sounds for ui, and a mute button!
Version 2.2 - New UI, remake of Chapter 1 and bug fixes!
Version 2.1 - Graveyard remake and bug fixes
Version 2.0 - Chapter 4 Has Been Released With Bug Fixes!
Version 1.9 - 4th Of July Update! Bug Fixes, Code: FIREWORKS and Special game pass sales!
Version 1.8 - Bug fixes!
Version 1.7 - Skip Button Added and more bug fixes!
Version 1.6 - Chapter 3 Is Out! New Skins and Bug fixes!
Version 1.5 - Fixed Bot and other bug fixes
Version 1.4 - Player And Bot has been added, you can unlock things without them being in your hand, game tweaks, more bug fixes, and badges!
Version 1.3 - Go through other players and more bug fixes
Version 1.2 - Wait time after a match is fixed, New Traps, Code (GREASY), Game passes, Changed up fog.
Version 1.1 - Bug Fixes, Spectate and added fog
Version 1.0 - Official Game Release

:hammer: Developers

@BaconNosity – Programmer, Game Creator :hammer_and_wrench:
@MrXDq – Builder
@Wizzardofaz – Artist
@Foshizled – Artist
@HURRICANEHALO13 – Intern (super long-term)


HD Admin - ForeverHD, ObliviousHD
Appreciated Scripter (Not Official Dev) - Alvin_Blox
Piggy Inspired Game – Piggy Creator Is MiniToon

:star: Star Influencer Rank

To get the star influencer rank you must be a youtuber with at least 10K+ subscribers, this may be changed later. If you really want to get this rank, you will need to talk with BaconNosity or try to get another staff’s attention and show us your channel to be approved.

Supporter Rank

To get the supporter rank you must have supported Bacon Craft in a certain way that was noticed well whether this is getting members from your group to check out the group or added one of the games into your game like @JiaShengHere did. This is just for people who really feel inspired by or appreciate Bacon Craft and want to support it in a very helpful way.

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face: