Bad Bullfrog — Suggestions & Reports

Submit Feedback & Bug Reports

To submit any sort of feedback, whether it be bug reports or suggestions, I suggest joining our community server. You can find the link to it by going to our group and looking at the social links and click the one that says community server. There you can submit suggestions, bug reports and exploiter reports with ease.

However, if this isn’t an option for you, you can also submit bug reports by sending BullfrogBait a message. Every message is read and responded to. Make sure to explain your bug report as detailed as possible and try to avoid the Roblox tagging filter so it can be found and patched quick.

Report an Exploiter

First things first, if a player is breaking terms of service, such as swearing or exploiting, please use the Roblox report feature before reporting them to us.

To report an exploiter to us, you’ll have to join the community server. This can be found on our group page under “Social Links.”

Furthermore, you will be asked to submit proof that they’re exploiting, you can record a video or take screenshots. Please make sure that the exploiters username is visible in your proof. You might also be asked to provide a little bit more information if it’s necessary to punish the exploiter.

After joining the server and verifying your account please go to the exploiter-reports channel under the feedback category. We take exploiter reports seriously, so make sure to follow the channel rules.

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