Badge Documentation

This topic is made for VoidBadgeCollector (an account on ROBLOX). It documents as many badges as possible.
The badges go in order of the badge collector account has earned.
If there is any errors in this post please message me and tell me what is wrong, and I will fix it. I do realize you may not know some of these games, and that is because they may not be popular or the title has changed.
This will be updated as more errors are fixed and more badges are gained.
Disclaimer: These are only player badges. Not ROBLOX badges.

(The account is mine, which is why I’m making this topic for it.)

Badge #1: Payback
Game - Arsenal
Description: Kill an enemy and be assisted from a fallen teammate.
Creator: ROLVe Community (Group)

Badge #2: Stepping Stone
Game - Arsenal
Description: Achieve your first kill in Arsenal!
Creator: ROLVe Community (Group)

Badge #3: AirDelinquent
Game - Arsenal
Description: Land on the ground after being airborne for 15 seconds, or just take a long time to load into the game.
Creator: ROLVe Community (Group)

Badge #4: Administrator
Game - False Administrator Badge Fooler
Description: This badge identifies an account as belonging to a Roblox administrator. But You Can Fool Your Friends with this False Administrator Badge!, Please ROBLOX don’t oof me :frowning:
Creator: iamJacksonstorm (User)

Badge #5: You Played!
Game - Tapping Legends
Description: You Played Tapping Legends!
Creator: Ocwa_S (User)

Badge 6: A Shared Victory!
Game - Arsenal
Description: Finish a game of Arsenal on the winning team.
Creator: ROLVe Community (Group)

Badge 7: Thanks for playing!
Game - Tropical Resort Tycoon
Description: Play the game to get this incredibly stylish badge!
Creator: Ready, set, more! (Group)

Badge 8: Welcome to Super Mansion Tycoon 3
Game - Super Mansion Tycoon 3
Description: Welcome and thank you for playing Super Mansion Tycoon 3
Creator: PersistentFloat (User)