BAE Help with notifications

Hello Developers!
I’m using BAE, I never had this problem before, I think is a bug. When I click on PMs or commands list it doesn’t shows, I tried searching in the devforum but I didn’t found anything, sometimes I’m clueless (sorry), I know this also happened in VCHS, if someone can help me I will be glad. Thanks for taking your time of reading this topic, I hope you can help me!

Kindest regards.


More proof:

I am pretty sure you cant message your self with adonis admin

Well, people PMed me with BAE and it happened the same thing, same with commands list.

Hmm try putting in adonis admin again maybe something happened with one of the scripts inside

I’m using Basic Admin Essentials, sorry if I confused you.

I will try. I hope that helps.

Nope, still not working. I tried that but it didn’t work.

Fixed! Thanks you for helping me, is a pleasure have people helping me!