Baegis' Building Portfolio [2020]


I’m Baegis. I’ve been a builder on the platform for 5+ years and have been present on ROBLOX for around 7 years. I operate within genre’s such as sci-fi and fantasy but do dabble in other areas. I am an ex-GFX artist and osteopath in training. This is my updated 2020 portfolio, so please enjoy!

More about me

I am a freelance developer from the UK, aged 16. I am fluent in English (obviously) and no other language. I got interested in development after discovering the ROBLOX platform and every since have been passionate about the genre. I work well with other, however, I am usually used to working alone. I am perfectly comfortable with developing in VC with others, if this detail is needed.

Building Examples (2020)

Project Screenshots


I am available 6 days a week for 2-3 hours a day, varying. This does, however, include exceptions. I also operate in the GMT time-zone.

I charge in GBP and only accept payment through PayPal or Robux through group funds. Before a project I generally build a sample of the commission before requesting a deposit from the commissioner (deposit is around 10-20% of full price). This is to prevent being scammed or my effort being wasted.

You can contact me on the following platforms:
Discord: thorn#6569
Twitter: @AsymmetricThorn
Roblox: Baegis

Thanks for reading my portfolio!


Love the aesthetic of forts and facilities build into a mountainside. Wish I had something to hire you for :slightly_smiling_face: