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Welcome to Baked Bakery
Always fresh. Always delicious. :cupcake:

The Bakery Bakery Handbook is an extremely important asset. In this handbook, you’ll find the most important and relevant information about the Baked Bakery community. Our Leadership Team updates this handbook regularly with more recent and quality information. Because this handbook only includes basic information about the Baked Bakery community, we expect you to have questions! You can direct any questions, concerns or other inquiries to our Leadership Team or any other part of our Senior Executive Team in our Discord Server (found on the group’s social links).

Baked Bakery Important Information:

From the Leadership Team

A Message from the Leadership Team
Welcome to Baked Bakery, an established bakery group on the ROBLOX platform that guarantees exceptional pastries to our customers. From our refreshing beverages to our one-of-a-kind pastries, we serve a varied range of deliciousness to our customers. All of our treats are baked with love and prepared by our highly trained staff members.

At Baked Bakery, we only serve the best beverages and pastries to our customers. We ensure all of our staff are highly trained and our service is spectacular. Our main priority is customer satisfaction. We hope this handbook answers some of your questions, but we’re also always available to answer any and all questions in our Discord Server (found on the group’s social links).

Baked Bakery Leadership Team

Our Code of Conduct

Baked Bakery Code of Conduct
| Welcome - We ask that you follow and abide by Baked’s rules and regulations. We strive for a safe and welcoming community for all to come and enjoy. By following these simple rules, you make that possible.

| Attitude - Please keep a responsible, positive attitude at all times. You’re responsible for your actions and your attitude during any given situation. You should always try your best and give it your all, we strive to keep Baked stress free!

| Profanity - We forbit most profanity, after all we are a ROBLOX community, where younger children are present. Severe profanity anywhere throughout the Baked community will be logged the appropriate consequences will be given.

| Advertising - This is strictly forbidden. Nobody is permitted to advertise, unless given permission by an SHR. This includes through direct messages, the group wall, or in our communications.

| Drama - As said before, we don’t want drama in our community. Any drama must be worked out through direct messages. You are also not permitted to impersonate anyone or speak politically.

| NSFW - Do not post any nudity, pornography, hentai, or anything inappropriate within any communication of Baked. You will be immediately banned. We are a ROBLOX group, and require everything to be child friendly. If you are unable to abide by this, you will be blacklisted from the Baked community.

| Cyber-Bullying - Baked refuses to tolerate any bullying. This includes racism, homophobia, racial slurs, attacking or swearing at someone, disrespecting or making fun of someone, making a joke out of illnesses/disabilities, etc. The appropriate consequences will be given for bullying. If you spectate someone else bullying, take a screenshot and send it to our Staffing Department.

Alliance Information

Alliance Information
At Baked, we believe it’s very important to form alliances with other groups. We’re looking for groups with similar interests and goals as our community. Before you consider an alliance, be sure to check our requirements and make sure your group fulfills each of them. Some exceptions CAN be made.


  • You must have an active Roblox group and communications server (discord).
  • The founder of the industry may not have safe chat enabled on their Roblox account.
  • Your industry must have at least 75 non-botted members.
  • No drama within any premises of your community.
  • No bad reputation with Baked Bakery, or any of its allies.
  • Your industry must have a professional staff team.
  • You must be an industry such as a café, restaurant, dentist, salon, school, etc.
  • You must be willing to announce all of Baked Bakery’s announcements and events in your discord server (this means having a designated allies channel).

Affiliate Application
If you’re interested in beginning an alliance with us, you can open Alliance Application to open the alliance application.

What we have to offer to you, as an alliance:

  • Informing our community on your announcements and major events, as we expect from you.
  • Baked Bakery is always willing to work and compromise with alliances.
  • To keep active with our alliances, our Public Affairs and Affiliations Department is always looking to plan events with each of our alliances.
  • General support when needed.
  • Close relationships and bonds with the community.

We look forward to forming an alliance!

HR Departments

HR Department Information
Communications Department
The PAAD is important to forming healthy alliances, and hosting gamenights and events within our community. If you’re interested in an alliance, or have any suggestions for future gamenights or events, be sure to contact these lovely people.

Human Resources Department:
The ERD orientates all staff procedures. This can include demotions, promotions and our internship program. They choose when to release applications, and are in charge of the hiring process (applications & internship). If you ever have any issues with our staff members or any desire for a position at Baked, you’ll want to contact these guys.

Operations Department:
The Procedures Department oversees all operations and procedures. Making changes as needed to the training or shift procedures, alongside various other operations that need fixed, edited or added into the establishment. This department is only available to EA+ by invitation.

Conclude Departments:
New people are constantly being added to our departments. With any inquiries, you may contact the appropriate department. To learn more about a department, or determine who is located in which department, you can spectate a staff member’s roles or view the contact information channel in our discord server (found on the group’s social links).
Additionally, the Presidential Team oversees all operations and can be contacted with questions in any of these departments.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When will the bakery be released?
We don’t have a set date quite yet. We do know it’s in progress and should be released soon. Join our discord server for more updates.

Q: How can I get a job here?
You must be in the group to take an application for Awaiting Training. You can then attend a training session to become a Trainee Baker and begin working.

Q: How many warnings do I get?
Disruptive or trolling customers earn 1 warning, while exploiters or hackers get no warnings. Call and MR+ for trollers, and an HR+ for hackers or exploiters.

Q: What do I do if I see a staff member being rude or abusing admin?
If you see an LR being disruptive, quickly notify a MR+ in the server. If you see or come across a staff member abusing his/her commands, immediately screenshot or record it, and send it to an HR or a member of the Leadership Team.

Q: How can I become a Staff Assistant?
After becoming an Experienced Baker, you are required to fill out a form and wait for your results. This application is normally released on the first of each month. You can also be recommended for a promotion instead.

Q: Can I take a break during my shift?
You are permitted to go AFK for 5-10 minutes on the AFK line. You are welcome to order from another register as well. However, most of your time should be focused on working behind the counter.

Q: When is the next training?
Take a look at our session schedule on the group description.

Q: Where can I see important announcements?
For most recent, important announcements, I recommend joining our discord server under the social links tab in our group.

Rank Descriptions

Non-Staff Members: (Valued Customer-Noted Customer)
Valued Customer: This group of people is the base of the group. Customers visit the bakery, and order tasty treats! (Max People: No Max)

Business Partner: Business Partners are alliances with Baked, they give us benefits, and we give them benefits in return. (Max People: No Max)

Noted Customer: People in this rank are resigned HR+. They no longer have the benefits of attending training sessions and other staff events. This is not a staff member rank.
(Max People: No Max)

Low Rank Staff Members: (Trainee-Experienced Baker)
Awaiting Training: In this position, you are not allowed to work behind the counter. Members awaiting training must first attend a training session in order to begin their career at Baked. (Max People: No Max)

Trainee Baker: A trainee is the beginning of a wonderful journey as a staff member at Baked! Trainee’s are required to work behind the counter. They must attend a training session to be promoted. (Max People: No Max)

Beginner Baker: Junior Baker’s are required to work behind the counter as well, but they specialize in making delicious beverages. In order to be promoted, you must attend one more training for a promotion. Obtained by serving customers. (Max People: No Max)

Intermediate Baker: Bakers and required to work in the kitchen, and whip up some pastries for all of our hungry customers! Must have 60 points to be promoted. Bakers are also allowed to assist Trainee Bakers and Beginner Bakers. (Max People: No Max)

Experienced Baker: You are still required to stay in the kitchen, baking pastries. But, you don’t need points to be promoted. You are required to go to one of our Supervisor trainings to be promoted! (Max People: No Max)

Middle Rank Staff Members: (Staff Assistant-General Manager)
Management Intern: This role is granted to all staff members considered to be on trial. After passing the trial stage, the staff member will be promoted to the MR rank deemed necessary for their effort. This is a staff position, HOWEVER, not all staff permissions are granted.

Staff Assistant: Like said in the name, you are an assistant to staff members. Your job is to utilize and represent the first role of the MR and admin team. Your job is to help baristas and bakers that might need help. Alternatively, to supervise. Your job is to be ready for the next part of your journey at Baked. Coming into contact with other staff members and customers would be a wonderful start. (Rank People: 43)

Supervisor: A Supervisor is supposed to supervise. Stand around the bakery, help out lower ranks, host minigames, and do most of their duties in the bakery. However, they are permitted to attend training sessions as well. (Rank People: 34)

Shift Leader: The primary job of a Shift Leader is to host many shifts throughout the week. A Shift Leader should ensure the bakery is filled with staff and customers. The bakery should be running smoothly under the supervision of a Shift Leader. (Rank People: 43)

Bakery Manager: As the name implies, these are the bakery managers at Baked. Instead of assisting and supervising, you’re going to be managing other staff members. Host and train at training sessions. You will still be required to follow all assistant manager duties, simply in a higher level position.
(Rank People: 23)

High Ranked Staff Members: (Coordination Team-Team Leader)
Executive Assistant: An Executive Assistant is the first rank welcomed to the Baked high rank team, and the executive team. As an Executive Assistant, you are responsible for completing weekly duties, assisting others, participating and voting in important changes to the community, and watching over the group as a whole. With this huge promotion, you are not considered a High Rank at Baked. (Rank People: 12)

Executive Team: The Executive Team is a very important team at Baked. As an Executive, you are to work with other executives, and higher ranked staff members to make further community decisions. In addition to this, they are able to plan, hold and execute community events. These people MUST be active, dedicated people, for the reason that they have a huge job, and there aren’t many spots in this rank. (Rank People: 5)

Staffing Director: As implied in the name, a staffing director is responsible for the direction of staff members at Baked. This includes all MR, HR and LR ranks. These select individuals are normally considered the directors of the Staffing Department as well. (Rank People: 5)

Operations Director: This role is to lead all Baked operations. This includes customer satisfaction, warnings, suspensions, and terminations. A team leader has a huge job at Baked, and usually needs a good amount of help. To earn this rank, you have to be extremely active, and exceed Baked expectations with requirements and more. (Rank People: 4)

Team Leader: This position’s responsibilities include customer satisfaction, staff warnings, suspensions, terminations and more. Team Leader’s are primarily responsibly for the leading the staff team. These individuals are usually in the Employment Resources Department. To earn this rank, you have to be extremely active, and exceed the expectations of the Leadership Team. (Rank Max: 3)

Ban Appeals

Ban Appeal Information
At Baked, there is an option to appeal a ban. If you believe that you weren’t rightfully banned, or you can return positively and responsibly, you may fill out our ban appeal form. However, please know that filling out troll appeals will result in a blacklist from the form. You may only fill out the form once. If you are banned a second time, you will not be permitted to fill out an appeal again. We encourage everybody to please make good choices within our community.

Ban Appeal Form

Written by,
Baked Bakery Leadership Team