Balancing a part?

Hi scripters!

I basically have to script a slide where the player lies down on his chest and slides down. He has to be able to steer (left / right) and always goes forward. The part its sliding on is a MeshPart, and i’m wondering how i could make it so the player’s position is always equal to the surface of the MeshPart using CFrame or something else. Buy just letting him slide down and applying velocity based on input, the player will eventually start rolling and the system is not stable.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

What if you put a BodyGyro (they have it linked to AngularOrientation but I think it’s supposed to be AlignOrientation) in the HumanoidRootPart and make it Enabled/Disabled to turn it on and off.
Change the Forces or Torque values to keep the player oriented up. Enable it when the player is on the slide and Disable it when the player gets off.

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As the character should change orientation while sliding I would make many invisble and no collsion parts in that slide that always face in the right direction. If the player touches it the AlignOrientation (of the player) would be changed to the orientation the part has.

Or you could just make the AlignOrientation the baseplate part and decrease the forces involved so the player has a dampened rotational velocity but is allowed to rotate (I know with BodyGyro if you wanted it to stay somewhat level, but rotate around the Y axis you could put a force of (x value, 0, z value) in it and play with the values of x and z to control the tilt of the Player.

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