Ban "free model" threads in Discussion

Every day, a new free model topic appears in the Discussion category.

Multiple users, including myself, have stated that repetitive free model threads are starting to get annoying.

I suggest banning the topic of “free models” in Discussion to help prevent the future spamming of this topic in that category.

Are there helpful threads regarding free models? Yes.

Are these one of them? No


I feel like banning specific topics like this is going to yield a huge list in the near future to a point where it doesn’t make sense to ban specific things like that. For example, the current one is:

  • no free model topics
  • no “is ___ worth it” topics
  • no “___ vs ___” topics
  • no support topics

I guess the smart thing to do is not reply to any such threads until the “rule enforcement” problem on the Forum is solved. After all, the threads are going to get locked soon, so why reply to it? As much as I like solving a problem, I think this we can’t solve ourselves, the best we can do is ignore them. IK pretty lame.


I Agree, Everyday I See Like 5 Of Those Topics Im… Done.


They should just be taken down because they are low quality and borderline copies of old threads. If you ban free model threads some other topic will probably start popping up every day and the list will expand without actually solving the problem.

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You should definitely implement stricter moderation. The only way people are going to improve their game quality is having ground rules set out.

In my opinion, people should be allowed to debate whatever they want. The topic of free models is a very heavy debate and in my opinion it should be allowed to be talked about. However, when the same thread is copied over and over again, yes it should be taken down. But the topic of free models itself shouldn’t be banned.


Im just saying literally no one is making you read them. I would also like to point out your discussions similarities to the discussions about how free models are bad. It is borderline hypocritical.

But we want to read discussion as well as engage in them, but when we see the same topic a million times it gets annoying.

I to find them annoying but i feel banning them is just a plain out over reaction. It honestly isnt worth the trouble

I don’t agree, because a lot of this free models discussion are showcases.

There are lots of annoying threads that go on and all you can really do is flag them for being a copy of another thread.

My personal pet peeve is the “i made this in an hour cause i was bored” trend in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

On another development forum I use, questions can be marked as “Duplicates” and will be removed. This would stop people from spamming #development-discussion with “free-model” threads, as we could just report them as a duplicate, since there all the same.

We keep getting several “free model” threads in the discussion. People are clearly against these as they are filling the Discussion category. It’s annoying having to see and flag all these posts.

I don’t really know how I feel about banning them, but they keep piling up and it’s getting quite infuriating at this point.


Yeah, I know I’m late to the converastion.

I agree with you. I really do feel that some FAQ/frequently mentioned topics should just be added to some sort of FAQ. Questions like these are just obnoxious and get in the way.