Banned account called when server is closed

So I have a thing called RoGMT.

(If you’d like to install it. It’s a global ban system and it’s on my profile)

For some reason every time I disconnect from a server or a server shuts down a banned account gets called.

GetBanInfo Proxy Called | PlrName: [ Content Deleted 12515670 ] | IP: (Roblox’s public IP but Idk if I’d get in trouble)

If you can tell me why this is happening that would be great.

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this depends on your code. what does it look like?

i know for a fact that Players.PlayerRemoving is called when anyone leaves, this extends to shutdowns as well

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See if you can print the raw user ID or username that’s being called somehow (instead of whatever it decides to respond with/print out) to maybe figure out if the script is looking for some default variable you set.

A quick google for that exact username ([ Content Deleted 12515670 ]) shows that the username may have originally been “user name” (although that info was pulled from a creepypasta wiki and they also own a game with this name so it’s likely not true)

Side note, is there any particular reason you need the IP of the games server/Roblox itself? To my knowledge that’s not gonna be any use to you.

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The game game it is being sent from is null but the userir being called is 12515670 every time a game server shuts down.

And the IP was orignally going to make sure it was Robloxs but it didnt work as intended

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I found the problem and forgot to close this. For some odd reason, this UserId is contained within’ the PlayerRemoving fallback and fires once everyone left the game. Maybe a test account? Who knows.

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