Banned for uploading a song that isn't bad at all (if it was copyrighted I would have got warned)

I uploaded a sound that is good for Roblox and was banned for a day, I saw another person who got warned but I got banned?? Roblox’s Moderation is fully on show right here it just goes to show how much they don’t care enough to get a good moderation team not to mention I emailed them and got no response.


Do you have the rights to upload this music? Roblox’s copyright filter could have blocked it.


ive uploaded copyright music and all that happened in the past is that it got deleted

Even so, you shouldn’t be uploading copyrighted music in the first place. I’m not sure how Roblox filters out copyrighted music or takes action on accounts for it, but it could be that you have gotten enough deleted audios that you got banned for this one.


There’s no “royalty-free” tag on the song so it’s more than likely copyrighted. You should reach out to the composers first and ask for permission to upload it.