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This thread is used to display organized information for Banning Simulator 2 Updates, Events, and other relevant information.

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Event Information

💎x2 Stats💎 || Inactive

Event is inactive at the moment

🍀x2 Luck🍀 || Inactive

Event is inactive at the moment

☀️1M Event☀️ || Concluded

Event concluded, will never be active again. Contained 5 very rare limited secret rarity pets:
Allseeing Water HyChampion,
Allseeing Air HyChampion,
Allseeing Thunder HyChampion,
Allseeing Angelic HyChampion,
Allseeing Grand Champion,
and 1 very rare polygrithic rarity pet:
Prismatic Grand Elemental

🚀Blackhole Event🚀 || Concluded

The event concluded and will never be active again. Contained 1 very rare limited secret rarity pets:
Blackhole Guardian
and 3 very rare Polygrithic rarity pets:
Prismatic Genesitarius,
Prismatic Energarium,

Update Log

Update 7 (07/4/2020) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
  • Entirely new fast, responsive, and interactive UI! (Addition)

  • Valkyrian Event World. Free event to participate in, has 3 zones. Each one scaled differently to accommodate all player levels! (Addition)

  • Valkyrian Egg! [9 new pets, 4 new master variant pets, 3 new prismatic variant pets] (Addition)

  • Patriotic Egg! [10 new pets, 5 new master variant pets, 5 new prismatic variant pets, POLYGRITHIC!] (Addition)

  • New weapon, “Patriotic Staff”! (Addition)

  • Completely rescripted pet system. I mean it. We rescripted the entire thing. It’s much quicker and updated! (Game Modification)

  • Changed default player walk speed to 24! (Game Modification)

  • Changed default NPC walk speed to 18! (Game Modification)

  • Reduced all prices of crystal cave zones so it is much easier to prestige the world and get prestige tokens! (Game Modification)

  • Massively buffed secret pets and polygrithic pets! (Game Modification)

  • MASSIVELY increased the gold rewards from all NPCs in Crystal Cave. It was previously 600 - 1000 NPCs on average to buy the weapons needed to efficiently play in Crystal Cave. Now it only takes 40 - 80!

  • All pet chances have been heavily balanced! Free to play players have a 1/50k chance of hatching a secret pet, players with luck game pass have a 1/25k chance of hatching a secret, and people with luck game pass while having a luck potion going have a 1/12.5k chance of hatching a secret! (Game Modification)

  • Pets that are equipped when you join the game spawn within 5 seconds instead of 15 now. (Game Modification)

  • Pet UI loads entire inventory simultaneously instead and within up to 10 seconds instead of 20. (Game Modification)

  • Pets no longer fling while you’re simply just running around! Pets will stay in their designated position regardless of pet size! (Game Modification)

  • Pets will now follow behind you while you’re running around instead of staying right beside your character. (Game Modification)

  • Settings have been completely reworked once again, but this time, they’re nearly instant and work much more effectively. (Game Modification)

  • Delete all no longer deletes equipped pets! (Game Modification)

  • All earnable potions (prestige potions, masterwork potions, and prismatic potions) prices have increased to balance out their value! (Game Modification)

  • Player hud has been removed from the game! We have introduced a game stats UI to view your game stats! (Game Modification)

  • New game background music! (Game Modification)

  • The game and UI will now instantly recognize whether the pet is a masterworked variant or prismatic variant instead of getting it right 50% of the time. (Bug Fix)

  • Egg hatching has been thoroughly investigated and heavily tested and is now working as intended once more! The egg hatching is slightly faster for everyone now. (Bug Fix)

  • Previously, when clicking the Auto Open button or the Triple Egg open button, it would only hatch the single egg or auto hatch the single egg. We’ve of course fixed that! Now clicking on your keyboard or clicking the button will work as intended. (Bug Fix)

  • Doors were previously charging 2 times the price of the door. This has been fixed! The delay for purchasing doors is also gone for the few people that were still being affected by that bug. (Bug Fix)

  • Multi-Delete (Coming Soon)

  • Multi-Lock / Multi-Unlock (Coming Soon)

  • FREE Custom Music ID capability (Coming Soon)

Update Archive

Update 6 (06/27/2020)
  • USE CODES “TonsOfExperience”, “TonsOfLuck”, “TonsOfCurrency”, “TonsOfBans” for 1 hour of each of those potions FOR FREE! (Addition)
  • New “Crystal Cave” world! [9 new zones!] (Addition)
  • New “Crystals” and “Crystal Tokens” currencies! (Addition)
  • New EARNABLE instant Max Prestige potion! (Addition)
  • New EARNABLE instant Masterwork potion! (Addition)
  • New EARNABLE instant Prismatic potion! (Addition)
  • New WORLD EXCLUSIVE PRESTIGE SYSTEM (See footnotes of Update 6 for more information on this very important addition to the update) (Addition)
  • Completely revamped the NPC system for reduced lag and improved overall performance! (See footnotes of Update 6 for more information on this very important addition to the update) (Addition)
  • 31 new pets! [18 regular variants, 8 masterworked variants, 5 prismatic variants] (Addition)
  • 9 new Weapons! (Addition)
  • 8 new Auras! (Addition)
  • Mobile players can view pet stats in-trade now by holding on pet icon (Addition)
  • Optimized all MeshParts and UnionOperation parts in the game to Automatic RenderFidelity if they have enough triangles to reduce lag [99% of the visuals of our game excluding UI are mesh imports from blender] [Will massively reduce lag] (Game Modification)
  • Optimized all Collideable objects in the game to use Box CollisionFidelity Enum. [Will massively reduce lag] (Game Modification)
  • Optimized scripts that use ram eating loops to be more efficient. (Game Modification)
  • All game particles set to off by default. Can be changed in the bottom right corner. (Game Modification)
  • Particle game settings improved and much smoother now. (Game Modification)
  • Graphics updates (Game Modification)
  • Massive pet balances. Every single pet has been rebalanced and stats have been revamped. (Game Modification)
  • Chances for certain pets have been revamped as well.(Game Modification)
  • Hide Pets game setting improved (Game Modification)
  • Hide Other Pets game setting improved (Game Modification)
  • Massive data store stress reduction (Bug Fix / Game Modification)
  • Pet UI has many areas that have been revamped. Showing the prestige, prestige level, and background respective to Masterworked and Prismatic variant pets from joining the game has been fixed.(Bug Fix)
  • Sometimes swinging your hammer does not register and can become very irritating. This bug was fixed. Coming with the new NPC system we may see something similar pop up eventually but it will be very simple to fix if so, so no worries! (Bug Fix)
  • Many other general visual bug fixes (Bug Fix)

Update 6 important notes

  • While we have worked hard on this update there are still some improvements that need to be made to optimize the NPC system more. If we were to make those now, it would severely delay the update and we can’t have that! As of right now, if you’re playing on low-end mobile devices you will 100% encounter massive amounts of lag. That’s out of our control at the moment. Some other devices may encounter this as well as we do not have our NPC system finished. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THE FOLLOWING: We will be shadow updating our NPC system. Meaning we will be working and improving it constantly every single day and pushing the update to the live servers once tested but we will not shut down the servers. Over time you will experience MASSIVE improvements to the lag. Now please don’t let this scare you. Normal and over performant devices will run extremely smoothly. Normal spec PCs should run perfectly fine. iPhone 6’s and up should have no issue playing the game at all.
  • Important to note about our NPC System: We have made them completely collideable to reduce lag as much as possible. This means they will walk through everything regardless of what it is, except for a player. They will NOT fall off the map or through the map. They simply walk through all objects. We will be creating a pathfinding system shortly to prevent this.
  • The new world exclusive prestige system is very simple to understand the system and very fun to grind! For one, you start with a world multiplier of 1. Once you reach the end of the world, you can prestige the world itself (Your stats will not be reset. Only the zones you have purchased from that world) and you will restart that world! You will receive a token called a “Crystal Token” and you can spend that in the prestige store to buy a multiplier for that world which will multiply the amount of currency you get from the NPCs that you kill or you can purchase a potion that is capable of instantly maxing out any pet’s prestige level and experience level, or a potion that can instantly masterwork certain pets in your inventory, or even a potion that can instantly prismatic certain pets in your inventory! The max currency multiplier is 15 for the moment!
Update 5.9 (06/14/2020)
  • USE CODES “experience”, “luck”, “currency”, “bans” for 1 hour of each of those potions FOR FREE! (Addition)
  • Mobile players can view pet stats in trade now by holding on pet icon (Addition)
  • Reworked hide pets (Game Modification)
  • Reworked hide all pets (Game Modification)
  • Reworked hide other characters (Game Modification)
  • Bug Fixes (Bug Fix)
Update 5.7 (06/12/2020)
  • Potions in the marketplace!! (Addition)
  • Improved index (Limited pets, special pets, Masterworked, and Prismatised! New UI as well introduced in update 5.5) (Game Modification)
  • Data handling improvements (Game Modification)
  • Unraveled Hybridium not Masterworkable or Prismatiseable (Bug Fix)
  • General Bug Fixes (Bug Fix)
Update 5.5 (06/11/2020)
  • New special pets! (Code pets) (Addition)
  • Pet Index completely remastered! (Game Modification)
  • Error handling improvements (Game Modification)
  • Weapon bug (Bug Fix)
  • Prestige bugs (Bug Fix)
  • Buying Volcanic and Winter (Bug Fix)
Update 5 (06/10/2020)
  • New World “Mush Palace”. (Addition)
  • 3 New eggs! [???] (Addition)
  • Hidden Secret in a random egg in the game… do your best to find it! [???] (Addition)
  • 5 New Weapons (Addition)
  • 8 New Auras (Up to 130 experience multiplier) (Addition)
  • Required experience multiplier lowered. Much easier to level up now. (Game Modification)
  • Pet Balancing (Game Modification)
  • 286 Script Improvements (Game Modification)
  • Game performance improvements (Game Modification)
  • UI Scaling Improvements (Game Modification)
  • Polygrithic Prismatic Grand Elemental not welded properly (Bug Fix)
  • Delay when purchasing a world (Bug Fix)
  • Teleport UI issues (Bug Fix)
  • Secrets breaking Auto Hatching (Bug Fix)
  • Masterwork/Prismatic pet background Pet UI bug (Bug Fix)
  • Bug fixes (Bug Fix)
  • Weapon bug preventing you from hitting (Improved)
Update 4.5 (06/07/2020)
  • Adding 3 new level ranks into the game [Theme: Guardian] (Addition)
  • 5 new limited robux pets (Addition)
  • Make UI more mobile compatible (Game Modification)
  • Prestige All (Bug Fix)
  • Grand Champ masterworkable (Bug Fix)
  • Fix pet orientation (Bug Fix)
Update 3 (05/29/2020)
  • Massive gameplay and lag improvements (Game Addition)
  • Volcano Palace (Game Addition)
  • Winter Tundra (Game Addition)
  • New limited pets in marketplace! (Game Addition)
  • 18 new Pets (Game Addition)
  • 3 new weapons (Game Addition)
  • Secret pet hatch chance balances (Game Modification)
  • Bug fixes (Bug Fix)