BanSystem - Ban players with ease!

BanSystem is a new service that lets you ban players from servers or permanently from ALL servers.
All you need to do is install it! (Note: Your game must be published and Allow API Requests to be on, as BanSystem uses DataStore.)

How to install:
Simply click here to get the model, then open Studio and follow the steps inside the folder.

Ban a player (permanently)
Unban a player who is banned
Checks if a player is banned, if banned, kicks the player.


/ban player name reason (example: /ban cheeseman exploiting)
/unban player name (example: /unban builderman)


You could’ve just edited and moved this topic instead of making a new one, anyways, nice.

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I have already put a link to this article.

This seems a bit basic but I would suggest adding a Timer ban

I’m not too sure how you did it but save the time added onto tick and then check maybe when the game starts whether the ban is over or in a loop.

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oh ok, I’m going to ignore them now
no need to add to this post anymore

kinda feel bad for @DavidTDC3377 :frowning:

why create another ban module with the same features when there’s 5000 other ban modules


well it is a learning experience, but since this is in #resources:community-resources i agree with you

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Thanks for the feedback! I will add it in the next update! :smiley:

I’m doing it because it’s my first (not really) (publically available) model.

Other than the chat commands (mwhahahaha time to steal that idea), what makes this module better than these?:


UPDATE: All requested features are being added, for now, I am working on a ModuleScript version of BanSystem, so scripts like HD Admin or a general script can call it and ban the user(s).

You can add a value that gives every player a 3 digit number connected to their name.
Before /ban player reason
After: /ban 123 reason
I am invested to see what the community can do with this

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Sounds like a good idea, but how would the admin know the codes?

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I think it’s better of a solution if you simply use the username or user id since the user id is already attached onto the player permanently.

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I don’t know maybe a discord webhook or when someone joins a Chabot it will say "players name (123) has joined the game " and it stores everyone’s name in a discord server in ABC order privately. :happy2:

I think @EvidenceCross is right.

a Discord webhook isn’t really right for me as I don’t want my Discord to be open 24/7. But I might add a ban from UserID system.

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you can make a website or mobile app that has a library of everyone’s name and 3 digit pin? You can edit your script to If someone gets banned In a game it will tell you what day did and ete.

Wouldn’t seem secure, also I don’t know how to make a website or mobile app :sweat_smile:, but I’ll keep the idea maybe for the next few updates.

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