(BasePart/Union/Mesh):GetVertices(bool relative = true)

This method would return a table of vector3 points representing the verticies of a 3D object.
The relative argument tells it whether or not the points should be relative to the actual location and rotation of the object or not.

Libraries like this would be really useful for people like me who work with model information and geometry.

It would allow us to create really neat visual effects and exporting libraries without costly ridiculous operations.

Roblox already seems to have internal APIs for this stuff (.obj export), so I don’t think adding this would be much of a task.


local Mesh = Instance.new(“CustomMesh”)
Mesh.Vertices = {Vector3s}
Mesh.Triangles = {VerticeIndices}
Mesh.Texture = Texture
Mesh.TextureVertices = {VerticeIndices}

#SettingVertices please, but of course, this will never happen, although I do support getting vertices :slight_smile:


Going to bump this up in case an admin didn’t see it.
Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know this is really old, but it’s still a feature i would like to see.


This is for sure something I’d like to see. If roblox added mesh deformation based on this then someone would be able to make a pretty good physics simulator in roblox. That would be awesome.

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