Basic combat with a pathfinding AI fighter (RPG project)

I am back on track with the RPG! Procastination is inevitable, so everyone should’ve expected it. Anyways, here’s a fight with a zombie:

The zombie has a far reach mainly because of server lag, but that is just how networking works. Anyone hyped for a proper RPG out of this? I might also release some of the source code from the game as utility modules.


200 iq zombie, thats really cool, did you make the AI all on your own?

This is pretty cool, such a new fun take on roblox! I can’t wait to play this.

  1. The animation seems a bit off, doesn’t work really well. I would want it to be faster in my unprofessional opinion.

  2. Sounds effect that actually fit the game could make this better.

  3. Background music.

  4. The zombie jumps way too fast, make it a tiny bit slower so players have time to react.

I used a mix of Roblox’s PathfindingService and raycasting to make the AI.

This game at the moment is only just me messing around with stuff. Everything you see here is far from the final product.

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