Basic gun animator

Need a couple of animations for my gun. These animations are as listed.

  • holding gun

  • aiming

  • Running with gun

  • recoil

  • reloading

My game is a third person shooter so they will all be done in 3rd person. The issue I am having now is that when a player runs with the gun the players movement shakes the gun and messes up the accuracy of the shots, so your animations would have to fix this. (it is probably an easy fix tbh I am just not that good of an animator.) I also have someone else scripting the gun so you will need to work with him on it in order to make them work. I have examples of the animations I want so you will know exactly what to do if selected for this job. I can pay both paypal and robux. If you are interested best way is to contact me on discord @Turkishfinesse#3130

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